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Lincoln Community Center Gallery
Here are videos and pictures from previous events:

Eight children from the Lincoln Community Center were selected to participate in a creative project with local musician Paul Shuler and artists Harry and Suzy Ally.
The children were introduced to the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky who believed that color, shape, and brush strokes could visually express music's loudness, softness, and rhythm. Then over several drumming and painting sessions, the children explored and experimented with various international musical instruments within a drum circle while others painted with various colors and brushes in response to the sounds.

A year later they are renovating a special space where children can hear from their inner creativity, a space where children feel safe and set apart for a time to explore, discover, and experiment with art and music.

Making a Difference 
Stafford mentoring the next generation

By Jim Davis
TDN Staff Writer

TROY - There's a lot going on in the upstairs classroom at the Lincoln 
Community Center in Troy, particularly after school Monday through Thursday.  
A quick scan of the room reveals students between the ages of 3 and 7 working 
on various assignments, ranging from reading, writing and math homework 
to coloring projects.

Which is precisely what After-School Program Educational Coordinator 
Liz Stafford intends for youth taking part in the free, after-school tutoring 
program at the center.  "We're trying to get them to think, and I don't think 
children get enough of that anymore," she said, pausing to take a question 
from a young girl who asks her to check her writing assignment.

After complimenting the child for a job well done, Stafford was quick to praise 
the entire group of children.  "All my kids are very, very special," she said.
See the full article here!

Lincoln Community Center Educational Coordinator Liz Stafford looks over the work of children from the after-school program on Thursday, including Ahnalise Ellis and Ryder Kirtley Thursday.

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