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Our Core Values
The Lincoln Community Center Board of Directors and its Strategic Planning Team identified Core Valueswhich explicitly state the beliefs, principles and values the Lincoln Community Center organization wishes to model for its children, adults, staff, community and Board of Directors. The words appearing in bold are used as the formal statements of Core Values. The descriptors represent the "living history" of LCC identified by members of the "Planning for the Future" participants.
Safe Haven: Educating, informing and uplifting the Troy Community for over 150 years, the Lincoln Community Center's Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers, are committed to providing a safe haven for youth and adults alike who wish to participate in the many program opportunities the Center has to offer. LCC will maintain a safe, non-threatening, and friendly environment for all. 
Mentoring: LCC Staff and Volunteers often provide formal and informal mentoring support. By modeling compassion and understanding, by teaching personal growth, self-esteem, social responsibility and goal setting strategies, youth and adults are given the opportunity in which to learn, grow and reach their potential. 
Diversity: Lincoln Community Center's Vision and Mission offers educational, recreational, and mentoring opportunities for all ethnicity and age groups in the Troy area Community. 
Affordability: LCC's Board of Directors acknowledges a responsibilty to ensure that the programs and activities at the Center are available to anyone regardless of income or ability to pay fees.
Community Collaboration: LCC is a vital part of the Troy Community contributing to the quality of life of Troy citizens. Duties will include collaboration with area schools, the City of Troy, non-profit organizations, the business community, and other interested citizens and groups to ensure the center's future success.